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Mountain Strong

EAP Program Overview

Vail Health and Eagle Valley Behavioral Health (EVBH) have launched a new Behavioral Health Employee Assistance Program (EAP) called Mountain Strong. Employees and their dependents are eligible to receive six free behavioral health sessions per incident per year with a dynamic and robust team of highly qualified and experienced behavioral health specialists under contract with the Mountain Strong program.


Types of Services

Mountain Strong provides coverage for individuals, family and couples therapy, as well as for medication management services.   The Mountain Strong EAP benefit does not cover inpatient services at this time. Appointments are available in-person, by telephone or virtually through telemedicine based on the needs and preference of the patient.  


EAP Clinicians

Mountain Strong ensures all providers are appropriately licensed, registered and insured. Qualified providers throughout the community and across the country are being recruited to participate in the EAP program.  If you are already seeing a therapist or have a need for a provider outside of Eagle County, email and we will try to connect your provider to our network.  If you find that the provider you are seeing is not a good fit, you can select another in-network provider at any time while utilizing your Mountain Strong employee benefit.


Accessing Mountain Strong  

Employees can self-select a provider online at or by requesting navigation services at 



EVBH protects the confidential information of all employees and dependents utilizing the EAP program. No personally identifiable information is shared with your employer.  


Ongoing Treatment and Insurance Continuity 

Mountain Strong can not ensure that all of our credentialed EAP providers are in-network with all employer insurance plans. However, several of our Mountain Strong clinicians do accept private insurance.  The Mountain Strong Directory at lists the insurance plans accepted by each of our credentialed providers. If a patient would like to continue behavioral health services after utilizing their Mountain Strong employee benefit, they must select a provider who is in-network with their employer’s health insurance plan to ensure continuity of services.



To learn more, please email